The influence area of Writings From The Grave is updated and for some of you from livejournal who are backing me up — take a bow because I have you linked from my links area.  I will have more coming soon and for anyone who want to add a link to their page,  I had added an add-a-link through bravenet at my diaryland weblog as well as worked on the layout for my older entries for some of you who want to know what I have been doing there.
   Now I am just looking around in my guestbook to pull out sites that I would recommend if you like Writings from the Grave. I had came accross this one in diaryland which is called Dumpsterbaby and the other one is done by one of my proteges, Larissa. I am impressed by this one as well.
   Since a few of you know from Writings From The Grave, this picture is one of many that I had done over the years — almost as ominious as the writings themselves but this one is one of those that I had done as well. I am going to go in the meantime, feel free and rummage through my older entries written at Shadowed Thoughts while I go over to your trailer and drink all your beer, cola, and eat all of the muchies.