The animal molesters are at it again, the fucking vultures don’t know when to quit.  So I am taking it to them on here.  Now if they want to comment on this here they can kiss my ass.  One dude that had tried to bash me — he doesn’t have anything even written in his journal.  I guess that Princess Bitch is still at it and her friends are starting up a posse  (they can suck a dick.) Of what they do in their weblogs is nothing but bitch about me and try to start a goddamn cold war. This fucker has nothing written in his journal and with the way he is jumping in with the animal molesters.  It is like they were masterbating to the image of a decaying body that had been dead for a long time and some of them are having sex with it.  The picture that she has in there is one that even looks more like a Barbie doll that was on either coccaine or crank.  In love of God some of these people cannot take it when someone rips on them and is creative about it because all they can think of are a few words,  and when the Christians do it  — it would be when they are that much of a fucking goof to realize they cannot come up with anything else.  I guess it is that march of idiocy that would take many animal molesters to rip on one person when that one person is ripping on them here.  The first amendment protects the right to call someone an animal molester, but names like retardo used in schools;  shootings are born.  But I guess they are too blind to see that when they wake up in a casket because one of the people they would make fun of in school pulls another Eric Harris.  (That would not happen with me, because journalism is my weapon of choice.  But there are some who would be the ones mad enough to look for the bombs and semi automatic with the glock; then would erase a few people then the media comes after me for the scapegoat.)