Well I had managed to updated my site, and posted a new story on there titled Dreams From An Old Man’s Child.  This is one of my new stories that I had been working on.  From some reason I have been very productive as a horror writer, and while in the midst of it there is a prick from Peoria, Illinois, on livejournal who would not back the fuck off.  For someone who has a lot to say on another person’s comment area, the fuck has nothing written in his own journal.  I guess he is too dumb to write in the thing because he might be afraid that someone would backlash in it. It would be the old memories of the older mental abuse that would be in ones mind; that it would lead someone who would be harassed to the point where they are dangling in the bedroom with a cord wrapped around their neck.  It is a way for them to show that the tormentors won — knowing they don’t give a fuck if the person dies because he is a no one or a nothing. That some would take some offence to the things that are written, but there would be always that Jerry Falwell or Benny Hinn type who would say that I would be going to hell for what is written, either in my other xanga weblognightmare diary, or the journal I use for story drafts.
   Well I had found a new radio station, well it was around but I did not know about it until I was the Joliet Harras Hotel. I could not sleep so I turned on 96.7 FM, which is the hard rock station in the area. Damn it beats the shit out if the radio stations that were in Sudbury, Ontario.  I am sure some in the Chicago area would remember Rock 103.5 FM when it was that — torward the very end they were playing really heavy bands on there, as well as when it was The Blaze.  They got reformatted three times and now it is one of the urban comtempary stations in the area.  It almost made metal a dirty word in Illinois, metal is a dirty work in Iowa. Speaking of Joliet, I had some pictures that I had done of a few cemetery statues and posted one of them in livejournal’s stigmata communty.  I have someone liking them and this is the first person who responded to this one so I thought I would share the link to his livejournal.  With some of that said — I had decided to link up a guestbook to find out how many people actually like to read this shit on here.  Sometimes they need to keep separated because one is a waste, but the ones who have the real talent — but the ones who gang up on the meek kid, that meek kid is going to get pissed and bring a gun to school so all of you bastards who like to fuck with them keep it up because he is going to take them to hell with him.  It is something that should be done, it is not the kids but starts with the parents.