I was writing a draft of the journal entry that I had deleted here because it was going in the one that I have at diary-x, it is an alternate version of Shadowed Thoughts which would have journal writings that I have written for Writings From The Grave, and Shadowed Thoughts. This would be the archive of that journal.  I would be posting the nightmares here first that I would be writing for there but would be deleting them from here when they are fully written after I have then posted over there.  The recent entry there is titled 24 Hour Coma.

    I will continue writing in Shadowed Thoughts at diaryland as well, those would be the alternate versions or revisions I had made from the other entries.  I had written a new entry over there titled Lament.  I have been writing some new stories as well for Writings From The Grave.  The new one is titled Of Inner Torments, which I would be writing from http://m0rb1b.scribble.nu and this is where a lot of my draft work would be when I would write.  I have been in a prolific mode as a writer and some of that would show on my other blogs and website’s writings archive.