I have been working on an entry that would be for the diaryland journal I have called The Shadowed Thoughts. The future entry is going to be mirrored from here though this would be some of my rants here, I would be posting up some entries that would be in the other journal as well and also check out my draft journals at scribble and one where I am going to be working on parts of a novella which would in time go up on Writings From The Grave and hosted from crosswinds because they have the unlimited space. The new entry that would be posted above is for my cousin, Cara, from the Josephine bloodline. I have to go by the first name of my grandfather’s siblings to figure out the bloodline because he was number eleven of 13 children and they had children as well as grandchildren — this is my grandfather’s great-neice. Her bloodline is more accepting of the gothic because they grew up in the city — ours was a smaller bloodline though growing up in DuPage County, this was something that was not part of the norm though it started to be because some of the Chicago collar counties, three in particular have cities that are over 67,000 with their population. Lake County has two cities that are both 80,000 or fucking close to it — counting the Navy training base.