“Death of a Jester II “

could you tell me of the crucified jester,
could you tell me of the haunted dreams,
or of the nightmare screams before he died,,
among the broken words, bleeding
in the writings of the Gothic Preacher,
in the minds of the crucified teachings,,

close their eyes to them to obey, for them to obey,
can you tell me of the dreams before the jester,
the dreams before the jester had died,
another crucified contradiction, another lie spoken,
blackening, all that would be in their minds,
walked away they stand poisened,

the words that would be spoken of the second death,
the nightmares written of the born again demise,,,
they would close their eyes for the empty salvations
unless they would would see the death of the jester too,,
coming to them which they would gaze at the mirror,,
waiting for the teachings, waiting for the beatings,,

sewn their eyes closed to obey,
that they would give their money and pray,
salvation in thy saving grace — would be denighed,,,
another bleeding, another judgement day,,,
take the words spoken upon the death of the jester,,
which they would be asleep in God’s eyes,,,

closing their blind eyes in their demise,,,
that when they walk away, when they fall unto to ground,,
from all that would be left unsaid,
all that would be caving in, from the sins of Christianity,,
among their words of the empty promises,,,

© 2001 Nickolaus Pacione All Rights Reserved.