I was reading Insominia’s livejournal, and have to post a rant about one to the topics there that wanted me to do this thing to begin with.  This would have to start in the discussion board; that would be where the faggot Brad Fritz plays favorites (remember the rant about why livejournal can lick my sack and brain damage; this is the example about more brain damage.)  And what Mark writes about these fucks are that they should cry a river to Rikki Lake, and in part I would have to agree with him — then he says that they should go to diaryland; well I have to speak up on the behalf of the d-land users here, some of them are aol users — but many of them have websites where they can load there pictures to and use them from there.  There people with brain damage everywhere and I have to say that is an example of when I had host Shadow of Darkness.  (Never let a man who is running on empty with sleep, rant and rave about something that he is all-to-familar with because of the-holier-than-thou-messeger-of-dog.  I am cynical yes — walked away because of cynicism.  That not everyone in Christianity say they can have all the answers not even the bible has all the answers — I don’t either, I am just opening the door; one has to walk through it and take the blue pill. Sometimes I would get the Southern Baptist saying that I cannot be gothic and be a Christian — so I asked him that how can he be conservative and be an asshole?)