I have a new peice written in Nightmares & Dreams:  The Journal of Nickolaus A. Pacione, and this one is titled Blood Dripping. I figured that I would write this in my journal here as well as a comment that I had liked because it sums up everything that I have written up to now.

All the pretty people attend their churches on Sundays. God is great and what have you. They speak and preach of everything happening for a reason. I find it hard to know of bodies burned from napalm, women battered by strangers, white collared big whigs smoking cigars as they influence twelve year olds through media on how to become sluts. And we must praise this “God” on Sundays?

I loved your poem*  

I think he was referring to the new one that I have on my website — Prophesy Under the Waning Moon.  This reader is from the livejournal group known as Chicago Party, but one can see his journal, by clicking this link that I have provided.  It is posts like these I get a kick out of becuase it shows that I am a writer, those who say they love what one does.