I don’t know what brought on this idea, but I thought I would mirror some of my diary entries over on deardiary.net since I wanted to get more readers in that department since this is something I do so I don’t get writer’s block since that is a bitch when one gets that. It reminds me more on how much livejournal suck and there is nothing going to change my mind on that. I was bored when I joined deardiary. I am going to use it as a combination of what I was doing with d-land and diary-x, then would be bringing over some of xanga writings over there out of bordom. Just to see who are all out there as writers, and published some of the writings in the fiction area; I am going to be seting up for doing some of my other pictures over there in time too. Well that is it for now over here — I had played around with the layout on my diary-x journal where I have the template called living with spiders.