Well here we are again with the bi-weekly post — I had written a new story on Nightmares & Dreams, well it could pass for a journal entry if one can call the narrative that.  If one wants to see some of my cynical views, that would be where one can see them.  I had a few hate mails about this one already and the thing is not even a day old.  The peice is titled Raped Youth.  I had also written this one on my xanga nickolauspacione blog, which this is the orginal location of the place.  I am starting up a therapy journal as well but the location is not disclosed yet but this is something that I thought I would do for some of those who have bipolar disorder (the other bi — not bisexual.)  I carry myself as a smart ass — yes but surrounded by idiots one has to be because society sucks.  It is almost a crime to say the word faggot in jokes and that would suck because it is in my vocabulary.   Here comes my rants,  when is it a crime to say one is proud to be a heterosexual — the homosexuals have the flags waving gay pride, so why can’t the heterosexuals shout on the roof top to their wife or girlfriend saying that they want to fuck their brains out.  This is the words of a smart ass bastard who don’t give a fuck about nothing, but when it comes to writing — it is something that one takes very seriously, as my friends would be going to the bar on the weekend then having a fuck of a time walking up the stairs. I would be sitting on the keyboard typing up something via email or in this journal which would be something that would be a story in the later months or have a paper journal, a camera, and a tape recorder which would collect raw material for to write about when I come back from an outing.