I had written a new story, feel free to check this one out — titled These Last Words. This would be one that I had to follow up the other entries with — and I had posted another piece that was untitled and now it is on diary-x because many are complaining about the new story. Sure free speech don’t apply to the men who love naked woman — and are grossed out by men french kissing each other. That is very sick image of two men kissing — goddamn, there is nothing natural about a man and another man eloping (ewwww.)  I was talking to my best friend and we were cracking gay jokes on the phone; some of the jokes are funnier than hell — there are some paraphrasing of the jokes in the rants and for those who call me a fucking condefederate flag-toting redneck; that shit don’t fucking float with me — a remark like that deserves a sign saying,  (Well Duchess Webb; knows the rest of this one because it is geared at fuckheads who want to die,  leave them in Cabrini Green.  We’re joking about this one on AOL because she had a random moron who is continuing to message her and some fucker trying to email her saying he wants her — hello, she’s fucking married.  You can see this one here.  She disses pretty well too.)