I think that I had mentioned something about Journal Con 2001, back in may but I am going to link back to that entry, that I have written back on May 17th, on livejournal, in this post. Those who are from Chicago, Joliet, Naperville, Waulkegan, Morris, and Kankakee — this one would be easier for each of the residents to go to but Morris and Kankakee residents would have to worry about hotel rooms, or if they know of the campgrounds, I suggest that one would camp near where the convention is in where I would be looking for where the campgrounds are at for myself too because of the time that I am planning to stay in the area, depending on when I have my college classes.  I am planning to get a camp site in Zion or near there for the time that I am planning to be in the city.  If anyone is interested in going but cannot afford hotels in the city send me an email because I would send each person a list of campground which are near there.  I could send each person to a hotel in Withrop Harbor which is about $53 per night and it is a nice hotel as well — I stayed in this place back in November the last night before coming back down to Morris,  I was sick the weekend when I got my hands on the gear that I am using when I had gone up to Canada.

    The name of the hotel is The Sandpiper Inn,  and I have a picture of myself when I was there and it is posted on one of my pages — namely one that I have at geocities that I plan to update sometime this year. I would be linking to Journal Con from my page at juno as well.