I just blocked this weird faggot that is Im’g me saying that he was trying to talk to me if I was a female. That is what one would call a faggot if one call one that. It is good thing that I had blocked him because I was getting really spooked by the bitch boy, and this is making it hard on me to get in touch with a certain female that I have been trying to hook up with. I had been chatting with her for the past month and there might be a chance that she may come to Chicago for a few days in October for Journal con. I am still working out some of the details and trying to work this into when school starts in August and when I am not in class; getting ready to go back to school it is going to feel weird going back after dropping out of college in 1997. I am going to start by taking a math class then would go into history and science to get the basic classes out of the way.