What CDs are playing in my CD player, I am sure that Trench is asking this one of me these days because of how sick that I am starting to get in my writings because I had written a new essay titled Forever Lost, for the journal I have at diary-x and the title is inspired by the band Vehement (thrash outfit from Downers Grove, Illinois, another from my home county of DuPage — this is one that sets out what Writings From The Grave had been known for. Heavy and uncompromising horror writing.) This one I had played around with the idea from the Mayan Calender. If I was still with Wind Dancing — there would of been no fucking way that I would be able to pull out some of the new stories. Forever Lost and Raped Youth for me are pushing the envelope. It is something that I had done from the beginning and when they (the assholes in the media went after Trench, I decided to write some of the meaner shit when I came back to Illinois but the poem, In A Sucide Dream, would be one of them that would set the tone for Death of a Jester II. I had a nasty ass case of writer’s block during the time when I lived in Iowa, and it didn’t help when the Christian community tried to corner me.)
   But since my fucking roommate made off with my stereo two years ago and my bitch of an ex stole my CDs while I was in the hospital made off with my CDs. I am starting the rebuild my collection and what is in Nickolaus’ CD/Tape player these days, I am going to share that list and the list of bands that I have for Mp3’s. Starting with the CDs/tapes:

Megadeth — The World Needs A Hero
TOOL — Lateralus
Godsmack — Awake
Disturbed — The Sickness
The Tea Party — Tangents
gODHEAD — 2000 Years of Human Error
Paradoxx — New Devotion
From Angels To Ashes — Prayer and a Chain
Pantera — Reinventing The Steel

Now for the Mp3s

Megadeth and Metallica — The Hunger
Motorhead — Play The Game
Fortysack — Clubbin’
Megadeth/NIN — Symphony of Destruction (Grisle Remix)
Pantera — Avoid The Light
A Perfect Circle — Judith (Nine Inch Nails remix)
Nine Inch Nails — Deep
Drowning Pool — Bodies
Alone — No Match
Negative One — Salt In My Wound