I am sure that some of you remember a photo night that I had gone to back in June, Nocturna. Dave finally got the pictures up on Gothic Chicago, and the one that they did of me was the one at the beginning of the night. This one is posted with the essay Impending. I was really tired in the picture because I had stayed at my cousin’s the night before in Cary, Illinois, and I had a hard time falling asleep so in that picture I look very tired but I stayed the whole time from 10 PM until four in the morning. Long night but I had some fun, I am in touch with one person from there and hoping that she and I would hook up for my birthday on August 3rd (I share a birthday with James Hetfield of Metallica.) This is first time I learn that I share a birthday with a metal icon. Turning 25th and attempting to go back to school — tried a year ago but getting the ride there and back was the hard part. I have the plan but carry it out would be the hard part.