I thought I would write in this thing before actually getting some sleep for the morning. For some reason I had picked up the habit of sleeping during the day and write during the nighttime hours. Since we have the air conditioning, I keep it cold as a morgue upstairs. This heat that Chicago is getting is almost hellish — not since 1995, that the heat been this bad. I remember when I lived in Iowa two years ago, told this story to a few friends because they would know why I don’t like summer that much unless I am in a hotel with air conditioning turned on really high.
   I kepted it colder than the cooler that I had worked in the summer of 1994 and do a lot of work in cold places. I think that is where I had developed my love for the cold, in fact the cold is almost inviting for me. This is something that I would be doing when it is in December, while everyone else wants to go down to Florida — I had done my first trip out of the country and I chose Canada as the country to visit. I actually thought about visiting Greenland since the climate now is like Chicago in October. But with that said, I am getting to think about JournalCon in Chicago because this is my second convention — I felt like an ass when I had gone to the Pagan Expo in May 2000 because I had four hours sleep for two days. A 23 year old then turning 24 — felt strange there because I was the dark shadow among the perky smiling happy fucking people. They looked at me as being a sin to have against.