I am just getting ready for bed, and normally most of my friends would be getting ready for work — I would have to break my hours because of school depending on when class would fall. I would more than likely have to start going to bed again during the night hours ::that fucking bites monkey cock:: but hell, I need to go back to school though in the worst fucking way. I am turning 25 in August, and my class reunion is almost two goddamn years — all the fucks that had made fun of me, and wonder what they are all doing now. Only a hand full know that I am writing and doing it on my own; now it is just a matter of time to find my connections. I think a writer who made it said it like this — some writers make it and they suck, and the ones who have the talent are the ones who are stuck on the street waiting for that break. Without the internet I would never have that chance to get my work out there. I am hoping that I would have a girlfriend soon, at least a descent intellegent and creative female under my arm. I have been dialoging back and fourth with a few ladies — yes I feel like I am on the dating game so to speak because one of them is in Florida but don’t have her picture then one from New York (If I was 21, she would be jailbait. She has a pic and is very cool, creative.) Then there is one who is a med school student — (shut up, get your minds out of the fucking gutter now. fucking perves.) She may or may not come out to Chicago because she is having diabetic attacks (those of you who know me since I was in middle school, they would know that diabetes runs in my family. I had asked her out for Journal Con 2001, hoping that I am not going stag — I had gone out stag a few times. I went stag to Nocturna, and almost went to my senior prom stag — I was working then so I could not go. But then again, I never had the school spirit in my senior year though.)