Writers Guidelines for Of A Darkend Soul

I had posted this one once in a blog I have at pitas, but I am going to post them up here as well. I am taking submissions for the website but I am going on strict guidelines of no glbt erotica (gay/lesbian/transgender/bisexual  in other — no openly rainbow community), I will allow them to submit but I am not going allow erotica because of the age range I have reading the writings on the site — up to 21 and under, starting at 14 years of age and I don’t want them getting any ideas that it is natural for them to have same sex romance (due to my strong convictions in this department, I am not a fan of Queer as Folk.) The style I am looking for in an author writing is a dark, rugged feel — on the lines of H.P. Lovecraft and Jack London. So I am more than willing to take writings from aspiring writers from a Boy Scouts background (PG-13 to R rated, but not NC-17 if this was a motion picture.)  I am trying to bring out a few Christian Goth writers because they are being forced back — I do have a belief in God, but it is not as it was back in 1994, but it is there.  Those of you who are going to send me hate mail on this wish, don’t because this is where I am coming from and with strong convictions.  Stories being taken can be up to 3400 words but not under 1000 words though.  I am going to be hosting these from both onyx and Angelfire.