I had just done some updates to Writings From The Grave, trying to make easier for my readers to navagate around the site. I had re-issued Forlone — A Vinette, to my archived writings there. The updates are slight cosmetic until I decide I get sick of the layout but I don’t think that the way that I have this layout for the archive and the main area — the only thing that would be changed from time to time would be the photographs when I have a dry spell in the department of writing creatively, this is when I pull out my journal here — then would post in the community journals on livejournal. The community that I had posted a link to the archive of my writings is on Livejournal’s Goth Community. I am going to post the guidelines for submissions on Scaryminds, and will look through them after I post up my email for writers to make their submissions.

    I had learned a few days ago that my mother is going into the hospital for major surgery — this note is for the bloodmoon members (yes I am referring to my dog pound here,  I am going to be sending each of you a private email with my mothers email address for them to send her a card shower via email.  She knows that I do this because they could send them an email in case I don’t have a lot of computer time and need to get a long message to her — they could get this to her if I have to go to the hospital for one reason or another.