I had just written this poem a few days ago, and yes this one is the most contraversal that I had written and this one is one of the ones that is on the same frame as the essay I had written titled Raped Youth. I am sure the readers of this one would see a similar pattern to how contraversal that peice is to this one. The term jerk off in this poem is on the same theme by TOOL’s version of Jerk Off — this is the same kind of animosity that fueled that peice. I am not writing in the community where homosexual is acceptable, and yes the word faggot is used often in the thrash metal community when describing Fred Durst. Those born again fuck offs who dream about giving head to Adof Hilter (Nazi faggots fuck off.)  This is one of most pissed off pieces that I had written in years that I had been writing. 


Another Jerk Off
(Born Again Fuck Off)
Poem  By Nickolaus Pacione 

kill you mother fucker,,
I should play God,
allow you to bleed,,,
watching you bleed,,,
watching you die,,,,
why should I worrry,,
I am not going to be caught,,,
no one would know that I am guilty,,,
that I am just ill,
I am just insane,,,,
kill you now mother fucker,
allowing you to rot
 in hell with the rest of the cunts,,,
that would be only the laws,,,
are only written lies of bullshit,,,,
that you have your prayers,,
that you have your God,,,
that you have your gashes,,,
that you have your reasons,,,
that I have my own to play god,,
so I could watch you bleed,,,
kill you now mother fucker,,
and then I shall watch you die,,,,
from the words that morons shall be exict,,,
allow you to walk with the rest of the jerk-offs,,
allowing you to gather with the rest of the faggots,,,
knowing that your mother was born with a penis,,,
I shall play God and kill you now,
before the cross you shall bow,,,
that when you shall see no more,,
then you will breath no more,,,
that I shall murder one more,,,
that I would see you tortured more for awhile,,,,
see it — see the bullet that is going in your brain,,,
while I shall drive the shot into your fucking head,,,,
that when you shall be with the one they killed in Laramie,,,
kill you — kill you in the name of God,,,
that in the truth that I am playing God,,
by killing you myself,  murder one,,,
watching you bleed with the faggot whores,,,,
blame me again for the school shootings,,,
another jerk-off wiped off the face of the earth,,,,
that I shall be blamed for another shooting
by a jerk-off asshole like you
kill you now, by playing God, that there is no right or wrong,,
that I would not get caught with the insanity plea,,,,
when you will breathe no more,  careering in hell,,,,
when I would be the last person you see alive,,,,
that i would play god again and kill you another ten more times,,,,
watching another jerk off bleed to death, stab them in the fucking head,,,
take me down and blame me for Harris and Cleabold,,,
fuck you — tell me to rot, I would tell you to get raped by Satan,,,
another fuck off, another born again jerk off,,,
another jerk off, another born again fuck off,,,
another fuck off, another born again jerk off,,,
you have your faith, ( I have my gun,,)
pray to God,  I play God,,
another fuck off just like you,,,,
systematically killing off like another roach,,,
this is what you are,  this is what fate you get,,,,
punishment for erasing another fuck off just like you,,,,,
another fuck off, tired of waiting,
once I believed in right and wrong,,,
another faggot crossed the line,,,
born again jerk off, another fuck off,,,,
born again fuck off, another jerk off,,,,
born again jerk off,  another fuck off,,,
I am going to play God, and shoot another you myself,,,,
that no one would again try me on a legal technicality,,,,
when one claims the insanity plea which is my reasons,,,
fuck off — tell me to rot, I tell you get raped by Satan,,,
another fuck off, born again jerk off,,,,
another jerk off,  born again fuck off,,
another fuck off just like you,,,,
another fuck off, born again jerk off,,,
another jerk off just like you,,,,
another fuck off, born again jerk off,
another jerk off, born again fuck off,,,,
another born again fuck off just like you,,,