Well Darksites is down for maintainance and I am not able to do some much needed tweaking to my website. I am just nervous that I have to do another move of the site again after just moving it there back in March and it being complete. Where I am going to put new writings in the meantime. I am going to divide them up between diary-x and diaryland as well as posting them on my other xanga journal, might debate on moving it to where it all began for me and that would be on tripod and angelfire, but the site got too big for over there. If I move it to fortunecity, I am not able to load up my voice files (something that I had started up at the beginning June of 2000.) This is something that I want to do again with the site but I have this feeling that crosswinds is out of the question. Homestead is starting to charge (FUCK YOU for that one because I don’t believe in credit cards, the webmaster of homestead is just a faggot.) I had moved the story I had hosted from there at least to diary-x for now, and future stories would be posted at alternate places including brinkster (one place I recommend but they have 30 MB of space — not bad for a place with no ads.) I am doing some much needed updating to the forum, adding a new writer there in a moment.

    Update about darksites,  hours later they finally got the homepage part working.  This is what I was thinking — about time that it is done.  Those of you who are on xanga and want to incorperate their journals to xanga.  I have an html code which this would work with and I have done this with my page at theglobe.  I cannot believe that I had this fucking account at theglobe since 1998, and this is the one that I had before I got banned from the Mason City Public Library. So for the members who used theglobe and seen how they used to be set up I did the one page from scratch but I thought I would keep it faithful to how it was.  This is where I used the livejournal iframes code for it to work.