After a few months on darksites, the asshole decided to delete Writings From The Grave. So now the address is, and this would be where it would be for now on until another fucker like Brujah comes along.  I was taking with a few who were on there and told me that Brujah is a greedy fag who doesn’t like the stronger gothic webmasters and this is something I don’t give a shit about but I was close to kicking the shit out of that webmaster because he was holding my files hostage — calling me a bitch, sorry that doesn’t fit — bastard fits better and I own the right to be called a bastard.  The only way that if someone wants to kill my website is if they kill me,  can they just bring it?  I had to fight to get my files back and this would be where I have some of my new pictures,  if Brujah had the balls to delete my site.  Just another jerk-off who cannot handle the truth so for that said — go the new Writings from the Grave.