I finally got my grubby fucking paws on a descent word processor which means I would have more writings going up on my journals at diary-x, diaryland, and my website. I am doing what would be the livejournal post since the faggots on that end are too busy jerking off than updating their page. This would be the rant of the Italian Illinois Bastard, never go on a site which has more downtime than online time — bastards, but this would get more of the readers to come more to my main website at least. I had been posting with a new processor that I had downloaded via cnet — it works like Mircosoft Works and Write which is a writing program I used to do a lot of my writing on when I was living with a roommate; he had a computer which was a souped up Windows 3.1. It was a fucking joke to what I am using now — since my relatives got a windows 98b, which is fun to play around with when going into my files, nice thing about that is when I am done I can type up the url to one of my journals online and one can see them as they are posted.
   I had grown to like the show Witchblade. I remember Trench having the Witchblade graphics on his old site when it was The Lair of the Trenchcoat. It makes me want to start collecting comic books all over again because this is the second Image character that was made into a show, we all know about Spawn — I saw that one three years ago, damn good film too. I saw the series which was done by Todd McFarlene, hell he has a mind for the gothic. I am looking forward to the next season of Witchblade because when I saw parts of the marathon, I was thinking holy fucking shit — that is one of the darkest comics that was made into a series. I want to see the TV movie that it was done from.

    I am looking for someone to illustrate some of my writings — namely the story I wrote called The Blacker Hours.  This is a cross posting to one I had written in another xanga journal I have.  This one being the one I use under the name nickolauspacione. If one could do it send me an email,  but then again it would be a hard undertaking to pull off though. I have a hell of a time illustrating my own writings because of the dark complexity to each writing I have done.  There would be more going on the two other journals that I have one of the entries is newly posted and this is one I had written yesterday morning before going to bed.

    Then I wrote one a week earlier after the passing of my step-aunt.  Right now I had grown to become very reflective because of the time when she was buried.  The last days I had seen her alive was back in 1996, about two years before I moved to Mason City.  I don’t even know where the cemetery they buried her is at.