I had just heard from Angel and so far her typing is a sight for sore eyes. She is still planning the trip to Chicago for Christman and working out to get down to dress size 7 for the trip here. I am just picturing what she looks like now — a dress size nine, well I have to say for having two kids, she might look good now because I am yet to see a picture of her. She and I were wanting to get together now but sometimes it is hard to do — she lives close to my parents in Florida, and she wants to meet my parents. There is a running joke in bloodmoon.every1.net, I give members my parents email address because they would wish her a happy birthday or send them holiday wishes. It is funny because over two hundred members reside there; and yes my parents know I do this because it shows them something that I had done with myself — being an email service provider. Even Angel has an address there — she has two there, one of them she gave me permission to get her started up at xanga which I am helping her set up a template, and one at diary-x when she gets more written.