Drained. This is the best way to describe what I am going through right now. Mortality is always the question on my mind because of the passing of my aunt who died of MS complications. So what is going through my mind right now — having boughts of really deep depression. Though as depressed as I do get, suicide is never in the question though. All I want to do is just sleep, or try to do something to take the edge off. It is sometimes when I am down like this — it takes a lot out of me to actually write something, but this time around I had done some new writings, on my journals at diary-x and on d-land. I got into a debate on livejournal with two bi’s because I cracked an anti-faggot joke. It is actually funny though when they try to get into a gay/straight debate, because it would be full of jokes that would come off of jokes that I made in AngelicDenistiny’s livejournal (the whole fucking thing that drove me to join xanga.) I have been deemed offensive by a Christian which is actually very hilarious because it is not the first time that this is had been done.
   I had also learned that I am on the list for being a guest to this years journal con. Which is going to be in Chicago, I might be one of the few gothic writers going to be there — I passed the link on to Atalee of gothicchicago.com hoping that GothicChicago would take part in it this year. Hell, my website was one of the linked up a few years ago — remember the tripod site. I still have it up after four years, I am going to play around with this in form of one of my journals.