Business as usual but I learned that I was on the journal con list. I am listed with my journal at diaryland, and this is the one that I had started me with doing an online journal, then there were a few jokes I cracked the expense of the Chicago North Side again. It is one of those jokes where I get the response being called an asshole or a bigoted bastard. But for the record — I am not a racist though because most of my friend base growing up were Arabic and African American. I was harassed because I looked different but I never cared about fitting in, teased as a kid and thought differently as an adult. All because I listened to thrash metal and hardcore was one of the reasons — mainly the stuck-up uncle fuckers because of the way I think. Years later they come to my website and then they shit themselves thinking, “this cannot be the same nerd we fucked with in school.” Yes — this is how I was precieved, but when they see the site — the combination of thrash metal and the reading of H.P. Lovecraft invoked the twisted mind that I had always kept. One of my former school mates was a really talented photographer, and this one signed my guestbook recently. I was hoping to do a colabation with him on a photo shoot of Dream Disturber when she comes to Chicago for a week; might do one with with Carol Kelley again if I could get a hold of her. Some of the pictures I had done with her were some that reminded me of some of Jeff’s old work. What I basically did with my photography was combined my writings with it — using the visions from my writings and placed them in still life.