I am just another nervous guinea thinking about JournalCon next month. I was surprised that they had linked up my d-land journal and been getting im’s left and right about that one. I was thinking holy shit then I get a few from livejournal saying they like my work but I ask them which writings — they answer livejournal; that deserves them being told to fuck off because that is an insult because the livejournal is something I just slapped together out of bordom and using it when I have updates made to each of the other journals, namely the website and literary journals. I have a few signing my guestbook about those saything they cannot choose their favorite peices but I have a few who have favorites in there — I have a particular favorite of my writings and that would be the stories A Cemetery Dream and M.I.T.H.O.M. which I cannot believe that story is four years old and The Glendbard Horror is actually ten years old. I remember writing that one as a writing assignment — it was one that scared the fuck out of the teachers, using a nameless serial killing werewolf which is something then as being juvenille but at the time I was just a kid — I went over and rewrote it in 1997 and passed it on to a friend of mine from Canada. She passed this one on to a few of her friends in Upper Michiagan. Which I was not expecting; but now as I am writing this — in retrospect, the website has a strong future — according to Sasha Wren, the website would have the approach of a death metaller when it comes to gothic horror. If Glen Burton of Deicide wrote something it would come out like Room For One More.