Nickolaus says:  are you watching the news?
Holly says:   yes..I’m in tears
Nickolaus says:  I am shaking like a leaf
Nickolaus says: I am worried if something like this would happen in chicago next month during JournalCon
Holly says:  all the airports are stopped..they’re gonna start shooting planes down in the next hour if they’re there..all major cities are toasted..this is so going to be world war 3
Nickolaus says:  that is what I am scared about because no war had been fought on American soil in 60 years — this would end up being an air war
Nickolaus says:  Illinois would be attacked next because that is the Navy hub
Holly says:  if they could do this..stock gone
Holly says: for now
Holly says: thats why they attacked the world trade center
Holly says: to cripple our market
Nickolaus says: I am scared about this too
Holly says: ‘m scared to death.
Nickolaus says: then the Pentagon

Holly says: because it’s our military center
Nickolaus says: Illinois is next because that is our Navy center
Nickolaus says: Great Lakes Naval Training station
Nickolaus says: all along Lake Michagan shores is what I am scared about
Nickolaus says: I am not too far from Midway airport
Nickolaus says: and this is what scares me — my cousin lives two blocks from there
Holly says: if they hit the great lakes ..
Nickolaus says: we’re fucked
Holly says: that would be bad..there are two necular power plants along there
Holly says: that means entire west coast
Nickolaus says: I live near one of them
Holly says: *east
Nickolaus says: actually the Midwest
Nickolaus says:  the northern midwest
Nickolaus says: Chicago is the military training hub then they would nail Alaska — because that is the Air Force training hub
Nickolaus says: Illinois and Maryland would be nailed
Nickolaus says: Maryland because that is the officer school
Holly says: The end of the world as we know it..
Holly says: wasn’t that a prediction for tis year
Nickolaus says: Armeggedon
Nickolaus says: the US Armeggendon
Holly says:its not just us. We will retaliate with the help of our allies
Nickolaus says: true
Nickolaus says: true
Holly says: God i’m reading the news. They hijacked planes?
Holly says: so the people on the planes, plus all of the buildings?
Nickolaus says: I know — if anytime if you want to believe in God it would be now
Holly says: Oh god.
Holly says: wow..they hit the supreme court building..trying to fuck up all of DC
Nickolaus says: Annapolis
Nickolaus says: level Delta
Nickolaus says: Shit I know all about level Delta — they taught me that in boot camp
Holly says: what’s level delta?
Nickolaus says: Highest military emergency
Nickolaus says: it is when the military are the target
Holly says: ya know I’m shaking. I’m numb.
Holly says: If I wasn’t stronger I’d be screaming and jumping out the nearest window.
Holly says: Oh god I wonder how kristen is. She works and lives in DC.
Nickolaus says: Shit
Nickolaus says: Kristen?
Nickolaus says: OMG — I know a friend in Maryland
Holly says: a friend of my boyfriends
Nickolaus says: shit
Nickolaus says: better email her
Nickolaus says: now I am scared
Nickolaus says: shit
Nickolaus says: they are borrowing from the Japanese
Nickolaus says: it is overseas terrisium
Holly says: a plane just crashed here and a plane was hijacked
Nickolaus says: Middle East
Holly says: pittsburgh just closed down.
Holly says:  this is way to close to home
Nickolaus says: no shit
Holly says: I live 15 mins from pitt
Nickolaus says: Time to bomb Saddam
Nickolaus says: he is getting a nuke right on his ass
Nickolaus says: Tie Saddam and Beladden together then place their nuts on a nuke and blow their asses up
Nickolaus says: assassinate Beladden
Holly says: did they think they were going to get away with this?
Nickolaus says: I’d kill the mother fucker myself
Nickolaus says:if I was to be a serial killer — I would hunt down his fucking group and kill them one by one
Holly says: ditto
Holly says: Pittsburgh is flipping out. They closed the air port
Holly says: the plane that went down this is what an eye witness said “we saw a plane going ove rhead..and then it started to wobble..than straigtned..then sudden it banked..harsh..and went nose first into the ground”
Nickolaus says: I could see that in my mind
Holly says: it’s too close to pittsburgh..and it’s a 767 ..same plane that crashed into the trade center.
Holly says: what do you think?
Nickolaus says: very fucking close
Holly says:  speculation is it was hijacked or some such and the pilot crashed it. I can believe that.
Nickolaus says: bastards
Holly says: and another one from pittsburgh is circling dullas base
Nickolaus says: shit
Holly says: yeah.  they got pittsburgh or tried too. : haking::
Holly says: I used to work in the building that would be targeted
Nickolaus says: oh my god
Holly says: and the buildings here are -close- if they had hit usex..pittsburgh would be done..
Holly says: there would be no more pittsburgh
Nickolaus says: Armegeddon
Holly says: there are litterally roads of buildings touching
Holly says: this..disturbs me that they used -us- to crash into our buildings.
Holly says: they hijacked -our- planes to kill our people
Nickolaus says: that’s it — benladden is going to die
Holly says: 4 planes have been hijacked.
Nickolaus says: actually seven were
Holly says: not including the ones from pittsburgh
Holly says: seven?!
Nickolaus says: yes
Nickolaus says: from Los Angles
Holly says: and dalls. shit i forgot
Holly says: Did..our news guy just say “KGB” complex in pittsburgh ::Blink.::
Nickolaus says: shit
Holly says: god twintowers. ::Reeling::
Nickolaus says: that is it I am not going to be sleeping for weeks
Holly says: wow I didn’t know a fire was lit outside the whitehouse
Nickolaus says: shit
Nickolaus says: I am shitting myself emotionally