I have been listening to the news while posting this and over heard the World Trade Center being attacked by an aircraft — the nightmare of this happening is something I could not even begin to imagine happening. The closest thing of something being pure fucking evil is this. I cannot even begin to think of what the fuck is going on. I was about to go to bed while hearing about this on the news and thinking holy fuck — the building closed in on itself. Even the Sears Tower in Chicago is closed and evaculated. I am even scared by this because this could happen from O’Hare Airport at anytime even the plane I was on going to Toronto could of been subject for this shit. All I could say which is coming from this is World War III; this is the darkest fear of anyone near a major airport. I want to hear from readers who are near any major airport — from the Northeast to the Midwest. What are the chances of another war being fought on American soil. This is most chilling thing that is to happen in the 21 Century. Not since the bombing in 1995 in Oaklohoma City has something this frightening happend — not just one fucking aircraft there was two of them. I am shaking like a leaf right now and thinking of my friends who live in New York.