It goes without saying now. There is going to be a World War III — like it or not. The dawn of the 21st would see a war; as the hippies in the 1960s say make love, not war. FUCK love, this is a mother fucking war — and they drawn first blood. Blood runs cold in the veins of the United States and mission — bring Bid Ladden back dead with his head on a platter. We have to become the bloodthristy nation of the 1940s — that same nation which dropped the bomb on Japan, we have a new Japan and that Japan is in form of Bin Ladden. As many would there is not going to be a war — they said the same about the Middle East in 1991 but they called the war ensamble. Four years ago in December, I had written the story Nuclear Decay, and what frightens me about that one — is that this story is going to become true. The poem Black Winter is about the winter after a nuclear war; there is going to be a black winter this year because of what Bin Ladden has done. That story was a horror tale drawn on the aftermath of war but never thought it would come true until now.

   It is a frightening thing to think about but if we don’t go to war — more shit like this is going to happen,  not in New York but this time in Chicago or Louisianna.  Chicago because that is where they train the Navy and in the south they train the Air Force.  If this is not an act of war — I don’t want to see what an act of war will be, or don’t want to know what is.  I am not scared now — just want to see this fucking war started to finish what we should of done in 1993 killing Hussen and Bin Ladden with one middle have them each tied to a bomb and drop them from a bomber flying top speed.  

    Dr. Strangelove is one of those films that is going through my mind now when it comes to thrash the Middle East — a Paratrooper riding a bomb in then ripping his parachute  at 2000 feet then allowing the bomb to go the rest of the way in — then while it explodes on target, he laughs hysterically seeing Bin Ladden running and screamming like the little bitch he is and Hussen screaming like the queen he is.  I will be laughing at the picture while they are running around with their flesh burning off and screaming like little bitches.  Because that is what they are because they get off on allowing thousands of people die for no reason — that is worst than having two Adolf Hitlers running around. Bin Ladden is the Anti-Christ.