I woke up at 2:30 AM and it had been someting of a strange pattern that I got since Thanxgiving. The relatives were fucking up a scedule that I had going for some time now — sleep during the day so I can do my writing at night. It is because so I can get more writing done and updates on the journal since the uncle works at night and the cousin got his own computer which means I have more time to do what I need on the websites. Speaking of that — I had learned a new trick and applied it to my livejournal and parajournal — incorperated the livejournal to the talkcity page as a pop up window. I had been talking to one of the patrons of JournalCon a lot lately since the convention — in touch with only one of them. I wish I was in touch with more of them but they thought of me as being too serious and dark for my own good.