It had came to be four months since the world trade center became a coffin to 3,452 people then a few hundred passing on in Washington and Penn. Then a month had passed with a freak accident in Queens. Some good came out of this — managed to get in touch with a friend of mine from CollegeClub. One that I had not heard from in two years since I moved back to Illinois. I was in contact with this person through voice mail the entire summer of 1999. It is something that is always on my mind because I came very close to going on flight 77. I am sure there are a few stories from people on Xanga who are tied to that day — I sometimes wonder if any members from Xanga were at the center. I ask this because there was one from livejournal as I had posted in the other journal about. Then I had found out about there is a hero going into space from my old high school — they interviewed the teacher of this student who at the time was a dean when I was there. I am tempted to send him an email asking him what it was like to teach a celebety. Now the teacher is a celeberty. I am in contact with one of the teachers because she became my devil’s avocate. She aske me about writing things that are lighter than what I am used to — well that would be a long time yet. Maybe when I get closer to wanting to give up writing I might write a dark story which is on the lines of Harry Potter but I don’t see that sometime soon.  It would be interesting to see how some of my older works would convert to film but I don’t see some of my current writings doing that because it is too soon to the attacks.