It had been a year since I had gone to Sudbury, Ontario, but the pictures I took from there are going to last a lifetime. The memories of going there during this month a year ago was the Christmas gift I needed in a long time after two years of going through hell in Iowa of loneliness. The closest people who I consider to be family there are Jeff Hanzlik and his wife Jo Ellen. At first I think I scared them more than anything because of being gothic — then they were able to look into the person behind the black clothing, natural black hair, horror writings and heavy metal. It takes a lot to see that in a rural community — but this is something one day I want to do and that is invite them to Chicago for a few days. It is strange to run into a good friend of the person I stayed with while I was there — I am surprized he was not at the Christmas party I was invited to a year ago. Though this would be a time that would be tainted by terrorism — I feel for the families of the losses in New York City, Washington, D.C., Penn and in Jeruselum, Israel. A friend of mine who fronts the band Alone is from that county, and worried if she had family or even friends back there still hoping were at the mall at the time that three buses exploded in the outdoor mall last night at midnight on their holy day.