It had been three months to the day that 9-11-2001 attacks had taken place. The nightmares that all came out in various entries on my diary-x, diaryland and other journals at different times. With that written I was working on my hooded sweatshirts for the websites — and this would be done on Thursday. I had to go into the bank and get a statement for I can get public aid for medical care since being on disability. This is the only way I could really get medical insurance being on disability; since I have bills from being in the hospital two months ago — this would be a way I can get some help with them since I am trying to pay for my tutition.  For my readers on here — feel free to take a look around my journal at scribble since I had given it a new look.  I was playing around with some new pictures that I had scanned up — then I had uploaded the pictures to the website at netscape, and used them for my journal there then I would be embedding the journal in with the website there.

     I wrote this entry on my other xanga blog as well and gave the blog a domain which is  Those who want to add the link to this one to their site they are welcome to do so.  I am going put this address up with a hooded sweatshirt that I am doing at cafepress.  I am planning to make some more graphics on the back as well which I would be writing some new poetry for that area.  I had been playing around with the template of this journal as well as will be doing the same at my other journal too to make it work with the colors on my livejournal.