The faggots are at it again here, just because I am pissed off about the fact that I don’t get the money a person owes me, doesn’t mean that I should be cornered because they say I don’t have the right to say it. Just because they tend to carry that abominational flag proudly doesn’t mean it makes it right. Now they are wanting to do another blacklisting — the fuck is up with that. I had said this once and I will say it again, brain damage. I swear to God that they have brain damage. I would not be so pissed if I did get that money she owed me but now I got cheated. I am through with with trying to watch what I say because it would offend certain people, if you are offended — fuck off because I don’t give a shit. I cannot help if they dropped you on the head if you were a baby, or if you were born in a test tube. Christ, all it is just doing is giving me more fuel to make cracks about.
    I cannot help to say it by this, I am not born to offend just that honesty is my only excuse to say what I am going to say. All they want to do is get me in deep shit on livejournal because of what I say on here — they have no control over what I say on xanga if I want to tell them to fuck off and to say what I want to say. All they do is say jibberish, but for this is said. As much as they try to censor me. Just because I like to talk some trash and will not back down; it is no reason to have me deleted or have me in deep shit for what I do.