It was a year ago when I posted the one called brain damage, but now here is the year later post on that — it shows how much brain damage there is in the Catholic Church the question is since when did they allow a flaming faggot to become clergy lusting after childass? Since when a faggot and a Catholic priest become one in the same? Brain Damage I tell you, someone did not teach them enough sense when they were kids that a man and another man should not be eloping. What the fuck they call that, let me be the pollitically inccorrect male here but EWWW. Where is the Sodom and Gomorrah in the United States — I mean this is America not Sodom and Gomorrah. San Fransisco is the American Gomorrah then New Hampshire is the American Sodom. It shows how brain damaged this diversity craze is — I mean when did they start with the idea that everyone has to start with watching what they say because they might offend someone. But let me say this, the idea of diversity can lick my ballsack. This is where people will call me old fashioned in that sense — women should be with men and men should be with women. I know that would strike a cord to those in San Fransisco, Chicago’s North Side, parts of Tinley Park, and New Hampshire. I saw something that I wanted to puke — the idea of a man carrying a purse around like he was female, what is up with that shit. God fucking feminisation of the male species, I think am going to be sick because of the brain damage. That’s right — brain damage. They are trying to silence the population of the straight outspoken males,  it seems that freedom of speech does not apply to us.   I am defending the right to be bit of a caveman here when it comes the end.