This is going to be a post where I can blow off a lot of steam about all the shit going down on my newly gained community. But this is going to be a rant blasting that cheap imitation of Boy George, that fucktard Rozzlyn. Since that faggot thinks he can shut me up — that is what it fucking thinks. I am more in agreement with his father when that fucker got tossed to his ass — I would of done the same thing if that was my son, no matter if he is my blood or not — father did not raise a faggot. Except for the fact that his father was physically abusive to the little fuck, personally I think the fucker brought it on himself for pushing is faggotry on his father. So for that little fuck this is my rant and the other three who got me looking like the criminal. I am not a criminal because I will use the “fag word” — and I will blow up at someone if they used the six letter n-word, I was called that word when I was younger.
     For those who love to get off on pushing their faggotry on me, keep the fuck walking motherfucker — or should I say an asspumping fatherfucker. I am not the criminal for speaking my mind and for them to be trying to shut me up — keep trying because all they are doing is giving me more fuel to throw on the fire. This is a middle finger to the ones who are pushing it down the throats of the straight males who are just as outspoken. And Eminem, you find this post — thank you for becoming the inspiration. The inspiration for every straight male who are very opinionated — not allowing the fags to use the Matt Sheppard bullshit as leverage to silence the ones who are not afraid to do a verbal ass kicking. Sometimes my words will kick the teeth in of my critics but that is something that is bit of a given.

     And for this fucktard who thinks that metalheads should not be hosts — the question I ask there is that was he dropped on the head when he was a kid or did his mamma put him a dress and made him walk around in public with that on.  Then there would be them asking if I kiss my mother with my mouth,  how about this — quit talking about mothers, fatherfuck,  saying that I am obsene or vulgar.  Does these real words seem to sting — maybe with this rant I am trying to say something and people don’t fucking listen.   To answer that faggotry, here is something for your heterophobic mind to here — no one wants to hear about it,  damn sorry excuse of a “man.”