I was looking at the posts blasting at the way I run things — I guess the motherfucks don’t learn by now that they have to realize they cannot fight a battle they cannot, or no one will ever win. Damn faggots — faggot assed lambs. They think I am evil because I have my own mind and not afraid to speak it. Intimidated by a heterosexual white man running things two words, tough fucking shit motherfuckers. It is tough shit to them because I am doing things a little differently — the fact that I am not glam oriented, and will call someone a faggot every now and then. Faggot-assed bitches cannot take when someone with a mind of a drill instructor and cusses to the point where I will make a drill instructor blush (this is one of those times I wish I was still in the military.) It is a good thing I can blow off some steam on this blog in the sense — unless they start bitching until there is no tomorrow. Sometimes it drives them crazy that a hetero male as myself can be so outspoken it is disturbing.   On the veiw of Rob Halford — hitting on my step-cousin is a big mistake, especially if his wife was right there.  That made me want to stop listening to Fight when I learned of that.   I swear since that show Queer As Folk came to the screen — more and more people are becoming outright heterophobic. They are calling me a bigot because I have a traditional way of looking at things.  When is it wrong to speak up for the straight person,  the one who still believes in the wife (biological woman) and the husband (biological man) type of marriage.  I never really understood that same sex marriage bullshit — especially since an aunt left an uncle for another woman.  I was close with both but she hurt me really bad when she did that — especially when a girl did the same thing to me.