The little she-it thinks it can harrass me on xanga — freedom of speech fudge packer. Where in the country does it say I cannot say the word faggot in a joke or use the names Jeffory Dhamer, Matt Sheppard, and Versace in one joke. I have sentence for them, they can eat shit and kill themselves for that nature. What gave them the power to act when they put Matt Sheppard on the cross and call him a fucking saint. Since when did the homos have a christ. Did Sheppard die on the cross ofr their sins — no. He is in hell right now the last time I checked. Rozzlyn take your bitch ass she-it back to livejournal and stay there — no one needs your pridegoth ass harrassing me because I am being myself here. Bitch boy motherfucker.   Hersy-dicked bitch,  fucking midget —  has no respect for traditional families and what the fuck happened to that anyway — it turned into the celebration of sodomy.  I will not take that last post down because the last time I checked the posters are responsible for the posts on xanga are sole property of the people writing them.  I see the agenda here — silence the straight man because all the years before the homos were silenced.   America turned into Sodom and Gomorroh — years of the sodomites.