Some people cannot get a sense of humor of someone with the wit of a marine drill sargent. Where this fuck is asking me to delete the other post — fuck that, it stays here. I had this journal as a way to blast livejournal and will blast livejournal at any cost, and found a way to blast melo as well because some little faggot named rick who keeps telling me to get a hair cut. I will pay someone $90 to piss on him in his sleep or better yet take a shit in his shoes send me a picture of when the deed is done. I am going to piss two fuckers off with one stone here, one fucker who decided to take it upon themselves to bully me here on xanga and they already did that on livejournal — will the mister father fuckers please stand up so I can throw dog shit mixed with my piss at them. Fucks cannot see where someone is pollitically incorrect and they like to hug their trees — I cannot help if I just marked my territory on them already; raise a leg and take a leak. That is exactly what I did when I joined xanga — I was going to do this backlash to every motherfucker who did me wrong on livejournal. Including some greeding hag who still owes me money — who could not afford to support her own kid so she has to turn a few tricks. For that matter the money I loaned her she was using to buy crack to shoot up her veins. She might be getting it on with a he-she for that matter — fucking shims. This fucking shim liked to get its rocks off on making my life a living hell because I am one who appreciates a born female not one that was made by a doctor. The fucker who is making my life hell on melo and this fucking shim should get together and play buttdarts with each other.   I would give them each a dollar and tell them to buy a sense of humor.