another shim tossing a salad
singing to their bitch another goddamn love ballad
bitching at every little thing to be said
wishing someone like me is soon to die
before they realise, I only multiply
pissing off fucking punks like that years to come
more words to live by, pissing them off some
fucking sallad tossing punks, faggots
living as food for more maggots,
like matt sheppard, woops someone made me bleed
singing each other love ballads,
then they are tossing another man’s sallad
Getting under another loose cannon like me
the next best thing to grow up to be just like me
so long — I will see you burning again in the flame
looking for another eminem to point the finger a blame
watching another bitchy faggot, with another maggot
where they are singing ballads to each other,,,
bitching at my sarcasm, as I laugh at their melodramaticism  — heterophobic cunts