Got some faggot stalking me on livejournal, shit — time to pull this blog out once again. I am going to send a message to that fucker right now — anyone who stalks me and tries to make my life a living hell deserves a harpoon gun shoved up their ass and pulling their heart through their throat. I had been posting more on The Ethereal Journal, but something like this needs to be said on here.  First the assholes from deadelement hacking my account on The Trenchcoat Debates,  now this shit.   He was a little bitch who is trying to get revenge on me banning them from the goth community. 

       I hate fuckers like this as much as fucks who worship Dillian Kleabold or Eric Harris.   Any stalker wanting to make my life a living hell — there are laws against playing God and killing you myself.   Just that there are too many faggots like that out there who are not satisfied until the reputation of someone who is outspoken and straight is ruined.