Farewell To A Fucking Battleaxe

I am in my happiest moment in my life right now — Melany’s mother is dead. I waited a long time for this one, I remember a note I made about a piss on grave party. Usually I would feel bad when someone dies, but not this old battle axe. I hated that woman, because she caused too much pain for Melany and I when we were together. And seems like Melany is having a miserable time right now because the last guy she dated left her, here I am getting known and being a bit of a celeb in the sense of the underground and I am basically going Melany who? But intoxxify would have a little idea of the relationship Melany and I had, this was woman I truely loved but she ended up turning on me. And that woman she is crying over the death of is the one that I am actually laughing over, call me cold and call me a bit ot a rat bastard when this one. I basically had the balls to tell both her parents to go to hell because they were trying to control me as well like her other boyfriends in the past — I was the one that would not give into them. Where I appeared on 96.7 Will Rock, it was in spite of them saying I would amount to a damn thing — if that is the case, why the hell did Joe Bob Briggs say I got some skills as a writer? With her it turned out the be the three word lie.
       Treating me like hell in the last months of the relationship, serves her fucking right. Her mother fucked me out of being a father — now she is fucked out of having a mother. A message to her mother in the grave, have fun in hell. Meant it when I said I would throw a piss on her grave party — someone bring the beer. Her mother cound not stand me, let alone stomach the fact her daughter was dating a guy with hair longer than hers. Normally I am not this venomous in a way of saying, “Ding, dong the witch is dead, ding dong the witch is dead.” Usually I am not this cold but when it comes to Melany’s family — get raped in hell. This is the side of me that no one is going to really see — so this is the only time where I get to be a real prick and say what ever the fuck I want about the psycho-ex-girlfriend’s family. But I know I am going to see a little backlash on this one, I was looking on the death clock with this one. I never could be so wrong with the jokes right now — some of them are just so wrong but how many of you who had psycho ex’s that even the family hated you. And knowing that you’d want to throw a big party in their death — I don’t miss Melany now. Shit — there are women emailing me asking to go out with me but I don’t even know which ones to go with (Thank you Dave for opening up somd doors.)