A message to this asshole, I will not tolerate the factor where the fuckers are putting my information out there and this mother fucking friend of his — I am sure thetrenchcoat knows the asshole I speak of, the factor where he tried to get into the Trenchcoat Debates after hacking my account. I wish deadelement goes belly up and it will, just like gothic-classifieds.com. I guess there would be more than one asshole online and it isn’t even funny. Especially those fucks at ljdrama.org — the little dyke who seemed to made a section for me on there. Fucking cute. Cocksuckers. They all need to be blown up by fucking terrorists, and go to hell while they are at it.  You did and will not have my permission  and this faggot, and if you want to espress your hate for this fucker — here is his email

             The faggot went and stole pictures I had off my websites and posted them on his without permission,  fucks.   It shows that they don’t have a life.  I am going to be a thorn in their side until they get closed down and pulled off the internet. They are about as bad as the murder groupies that V13 gets on his site. I  will see to it that they will both get blackisted and where they will never get a journal account anywhere.   I am going to send the downloaded shit that he had posted of my information without the permission he would not get.  Go to hell, fucks.