Lovely, send in the faggots — I have to do this rant because I was trolled down by a good number of them this morning. I had been up since 10 am yesterday updating blogs and journals when one fuckmonkey comes along and makes a troll of himself especially where he claims to believe that another person was online trying to pass themselves off as me. FUCKS, get a goddamn life and get your faggoty fingers out of mine. I have zero interest in alternative sexuality and androgeny is something I never wanted to understand. Though I might be involved with the gothic subculture, but my extent of it is in the writing and that is it — you can have your FAGGOTED ICON known as the stripper-hack. I will make this clear — POPPY Z. BRITE will never be taken seriously and I hope Liquor becomes something one would never find on the shelves and would never sell in the cut out bin. Especially among the straight population which I am, get that thru your assfucked heads. I am going to be venomous toward fucks like you and you, basically if you spoke half the shit to me in person that you speak online — I will punch you mental midgets in the throat.