Guess what fuckers, I am still standing here. Just didn’t post a damn thing on this blog in a long time. I got a lot to say and know exactly who I am going to say it to. You cocksuckers who go around doctoring my pictures and saying I listen to Cinderella, guess what fuckheads — you’re not even close. And to those assholes who are going around posting Disney movies up there, what the fuck is up with that. Claiming to be a thorn in my side, it doesn’t even remotely work with me fuckers I hate to disappoint you fucking rejects.

                     You trolls are a terminal disease;   go be someone elses hemorroid.   Keep running your mouths no matter chance you get — you know you’re making a cock of yourselves.   You little shemales have too much time on your hands.    Seriously — get a fucking life.    Rot in hell you bastards,  collecting my posts like you’re some junkie,  acting like you’re hot shit because you can say “you can break Nickolaus Pacione.”     You won’t break me because I’ve been online longer than these trolling mutants.