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Those of you who read this blog for the longest time I officially moved my blogs to wordpress and blogspot.  Then you can keep in touch of with me via my official website Writings From The Grave (which is now at a web host there I can have up to 15 websites on the thing.)   My politics had long changed since I kept this blog, though I plan to keep this one open — I plan to not use it as much because I might say things that might offended more than one group of people, and I would need a blog that could keep open for that.  I am still in charge of Lake Fossil Press though some joker is going around posting “covers” that could pass off as gay porn.  I managed to finally close down lbobme after the longest time the prick had been offering pirated copies of my anthologies and my first short story collection.  
      I am sure the assholes on Encyclopedia Dramatica won’t be pleased when they can’t get the link to the poor fuckers blog.  I might have lost The Ethereal Journal on here (it was a good run,) but I realized I still have this blog.  I am still writing as some people might notice with the other blogs,  WordPress I can write longer entries on it without any trouble.  I noticed that the prick SamYoung05 is trying to do feeds to my other blogs without my permission.  The fact that her and her friends are violating my copyrights, the tool who is trying to say he “runs” Lake Fossil Press is publishing my novella with another person’s byline on it. (Hey asshole,  When Angels Wept Blood, is my novella not Robert Baupader’s) 
     I will have a new freebie up on AuthorsDen.com and will have this hosted from my webhost too.  I haven’t touched this xanga blog in nearly 2 years but I’ve been here for 9 years.   I remember back when you can say almost anything you wanted on here, but now you can’t exactly say what you want because some people might call it hate speech or what not.  I actually reaffirmed my faith in God but still writing dark stories. I have serveral I have done and looking to submit them out (one of them I am saving for my magazine, and no Issue 12 isn’t a local author issue.)   I am guessing that AngryInIllinois got all his “covers” for the magazine from Encyclopedia Dramatica.   I wrote An Eye In Shadows to fight back against those kind of websites and blogs that are popping up.   The fact some of those websites would violate my copyrighted material just because they are hiding behind the idea of “fair use.”
       Some of you might ask if I had this one as a backup for The Ethereal Journal, well no, I actually had this journal first.   I joined here when LiveJournal decided to be a bunch of assholes and I still call the staff of LiveJournal that because they deemed me a public figure (I am not ready for that status just yet.  Though I’ve noticed according to one tool, saying he doesn’t agree with book piracy — well, I proved him to be a liar when my book is involved because print on demand books are just as real as ones by TOR and other companies.)   You won’t be seeing me active to this website too often but I plan to keep my xanga going so I can comment on other xanga entires that defame me and such.  Such as the asshole called Rockcandy76.  He’s been harassing me in terms of which step-cousin I got my information from, but a good journalist doens’t give up their sources.
       The novella GAME OVER is now about 26,548 words right now and it’s now my longest solo effort in fiction. An Eye In Shadows is my longest solo with non-fiction that’s novel length and I revised the book since it first came out in 2007.  I already noticed that some people have coined it hate speech and all the things that go between.  Those of you wanting to add me to your myspace.com friends,  I am a private profile there and I have to approve comments because of the troll factor that I had to deal with when it was made public.  One of those trolls seemed to make a feed from my blog on that site, when they had no such permission to do so.   I will say this much of GAME OVER and When Angels Wept Blood they’re not Twilight Fan-fics as one from another forum would claim.   I’m about to prove this asshole to be a total liar and the thing I hate the worst are naysayers from my hometown area of Glendale Heights and Glen Ellyn, Illinois.  
      The only thing that sucks with WordPress.com comments is that people will use fake e-mail addresses to start a fight, but my e-mail picks up their IP as they comment on the entries.   The thing that will piss people off about my blogspot is that I don’t allow comments on the blog (well there is one comment thing in form of an e-mail feedback form.)  I noticed that some jokers are hiding behind no e-mail address when they sign the guestbook on the website, but I will remove those entries especially since I want people not to hide if they comment.  I had one joker using a fake e-mail address and posting a passage of GAME OVER not knowing where the asshole got it from.   I noticed I got one joker doing an assumed cover of AVARICE when it’s one of my novels I am writing (I am working on three, one of them is semi-autobiographical and have 19,000 words into it.)   I put that novel on hold to write GAME OVER and believe me, GAME OVER is my most inspired novella I’ve ever written and noticed there are people trying to post spoilers of the fucker when it’s far from done.
      The covers for the fictional magazines in the story won’t have a half-naked fat dude with a scratch-proof dog style collar on it as much as this faceless freak is trying to portray it as and also trying to rewrite the novella as the characters of the novella.   Yeah that is kind of lowbrow if you ask me, and clearly the person hides behind a fake name and no picture — saying he’s from Morris when he doesn’t have a picture of him showing where he lives.   The fact he’s trying to say he became the new “editor-in-chief” and already is publishing a plagiarism of one of my stories with a cover I doubt he got the permission to use the  covers  to.  So with that I reported the user to deviantart.com via e-mail and hoping they respond to me directly because I never changed hands on the imprint.   I never took a loan out on the company or never gambled the magazine away.
       Those two things are about as made up as my fiction and I made a statement about this on my blog at wordpress.com, though I got banned for another two weeks on WritingForum.com for bringing this shit to light on there.   The one called Lieta Washington harassed an e-zine to the point where they dropped me.   The fact the e-zine was harassed by a fake contributor to Lake Fossil Press (she never wrote a story for Lake Fossil Press, and I really doubt that her book exists.)