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 My complete post is behind the tag for people can read up on it. Warning the language isn’t work safe, but the commentary in the screencaps are.  This is an open address to James Fletcher where I don’t have to watch my language to make the post.  The larger version of the screencaps can be seen by clicking the picture in a new window or tab.   You can click on the images for the larger size then you can back arrow it to this entry and continue reading about this particular bad mod.  I’ve been accused of being a bad mod years ago because I made vomiting noises when I saw two men together — I still think that’s disgusting in my eyes.   Also I don’t take fantasy in the magazine,  helps to read the magazine before you submit.


itemone Enclosed in this blog entry are a series of screencaps I did of the unprofssional acts and various acts of cyber bullying of what Timothy Michael Willard aka 50 Foot Ant had done to my beloved magazine’s listing on WritersCafe.org; there is a reason why I made the copy of the listing on here for the world can submit to the magazine. I don’t allow high fantasy in the magazine because there is nothing Gothic about unicorns or elves unless the person is writing dark fantasy and that is something I don’t publish.
      Each item that I posted on this thing is considered fair use under the DMCA.  This is one of the things that the dirty mods had done just to get me suspended and reported me because they thought I was doing an abuse of my admin powers on The Authors Pub.  The owner suggested I gather up the evidence to turn into Ning.com — as in he was suggesting I was to go above him to have these jokers pulled from ning.com once and for all. There are two examples of bad mods, and I’ve been on the receiving end of both — the bad mods tend to allow the bad behaviour to take place in their forum or on the group journal.  I’ve been called a bad mod because I actually banned fourty people in a month from a website.  I famously banned livejournal user Aske from the community then my ex-room mate’s boyfriend before I met her. She was no longer dating him but when he attempted that thought, she had to interveine because he was going to write a real person slash story of myself and my son. 
item2      I was literally gunning for him because of that thought or idea.  I didn’t want to ban him for that one, I actually wanted to hunt him down and beat his ass for even thinking of the idea.  I actaully mentioned this in the book An Eye In Shadows writing him into a scene and they find him with such a story in his possession.  I’ve seen their kind and know their kind,  I wrote about their kind in an article via my wordpress.com blog called Dirty Pool.  I am trying to show my professionalism but my professionalism is also laced with my use of four letter words (profanity if you will.)   James Fletcher I think is letting these bad mods run the place and silence someone from telling the truth, and I am using my blog entries on Xanga.com and my blog entries on a site called Blogspot.com to address this moderator. 
     This is up there with those being pricks on LiveJournal.com on the site Fuckyoulist, and what they would do when I post is do malicious tags then point them to a bullshit website to bully the shit out of me. 
     Much as the fuckstained jagoffs on FandomWank.com often do, but I got into it with the owner of that site for being libelous so I am putting them on the spot with this post too.  I am putting up all my screen shots with this entry so everyone can read the captions that are going with it too as I speak here.  I’ve been the subject of cyberbullies since becoming published, and I am putting it out there as I speak — one of my cyberbullies was editor Timonty Lieder of Dubbyk Press, and the things I’ve see nim do were less than professional.   I actually stated in an old article that every religion has their douchebag, and Timothy Lieder and Brucha Myers were the douchebags of Judeism.  
    James Fletcher just opened a can of worms by
item3actually giving those assholes power because what they’re doing is worst than anything I ever done.  In a way Fletcher blatenly insulted me by saying my entries are self-serving manifesto like — what the fuck does he have me pinned as?  Actually giving Jennifer mod powers is my full nightmare realized — when the trolls censor my every move and flag my every blog post for telling the truth about them.  Fletcher, if you’re realing this — you made a huge mistake and you will be regretting what you’ve done by giving the cyberbullies mod powers because I got silenced in chat for speaking up against some drunken asshole who blatently steals from my catalog. 
     There was one social networking website where the troll cesspool got their shit covered fingers on,  and when I got heated with them they (the owners) banned me instead of them.  I wish the owners of Writerface.com actually listened to me.  The owner of Writingforums.com did though, he saw what they were doing was rather tasteless and I am trying to promise him not to make the forum into my personal battleground of the trolls. What these people are doing is just tasteless and SICK!  I just wish the moderators and owners of the other social networking site actually listened to what I had to say.  I am getting malicious e-mails but I am not going to thow them up on this blog because I don’t want to risk losing it.  The whole thing about the “house madam” said that I submitted to The Gentlemen Of Horror anthology — well I never submitted to that one because I never knew it existed. What makes me sick about that group is that they’re very clanish in my eyes — it’s a fucking buddy system.  
When I saw this happen on Watts thing, I told him what they were doing and I was trying to collect the information to get them thrown off ning.com. In fact, I actually reported them to ning.com in an e-mail I wrote to the owers of the site.
     I am doing just as James Watts suggested because each of them did this sick deed on different social networking sites all over Ning.com — even on another site that is unreleated to the writing community but on a few other places.  Including a publisher site that was suppose to publish When Angels Wept Blood.  I got threats from the trolls being I was supposed to kiss their cocks when it comes to them, I would rather kick them in the balls instead.   I saw that they collected a lot of my angry voicemails and threatened to make my family’s phone number public if I spoke out against them, well that is the definition of a cyberbully — when they would point to a domain that doesn’t have the content of a publishing company on it but to some libelious shit.  That’s not running a publishing company but making a complete mockery of the thing like a bunch of hiding assholes.  
      If you want to see the larger versions of these, click on the screencaps themselves and the text will be a little more readable.  If you want to comment on the handywork that the asshole does you can go to
the plagiarist’s blog.  Hey Willard, you asshole, get your FUCKING hands off my family’s telephone number and yes I have you exposed by now cocksucker.  God Damn SomethingAwful.com Goon.  The model good soldier for this country, well that you ain’t pal.