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I am going to show the world that the domain that the faggot points to is bogus.  Lake Fossil Press is Gothic feel that what makes it famous.  The fucker named AngryInillinois is trying to rape that image, trying to make it all fucking cutsy and trying to include unicorns.  There is nothing gothic about unicorns.  My imprint as a personality all it’s own and it takes up the personality of it’s owner. I’ve had this account before the other one got taken away, So I thought I would update the look of the xanga blog to reflect the attitude I have now, 
       I was 24 when I had this blog, and was turning 25 at the time of doing it.  The one called AngryInillinois isn’t anything to the company but what he is and I will illustrate here and he’s a cyberbully — he’s trying to make a mockery of everything this company represents.   Especially trying to mock the no sex rule, the famous no sex rule.  Well I am trying to get him pulled from Youtube.com for putting my angry voicemails without my permission and he still doesn’t have my permission to do that.  I will not be bullied and I will not be mocked.   
       The domain popped up when one person got angry at a remark I made suggesting he dig up the body of M. Sheppard and do some sick things to it.  I am not going to go into detail about this but the piece of shit got my magazine’s title wrong, calling it The Ethereay Gayzette (a real good way to get points with me.)  The cocksucker’s cell phone number is based out of New York CIty and doesn’t have an Illinois accent.   There are a few on the roster who want his blood for it.  The people who saw what this prick was doing is proving to be making a mockery of my beloved imprint, and the story about the loan is a fucking libel.  When I move, Lake Fossil Press, comes with me — and the loser can’t produce an address in Morris, Illinois, and the address he created in Seattle is a bogus address.  
      So what I am doing is getting my domains active as soon as possible — I registered lakefossilpress.org (and this will be unified with all my imprints,  Angry Guinea Books and Broken Mindframe Books.   My storefront for this is a separate storefront from Lake Fossil Press Ground Zero.)   Lake Fossil Press will always have a desktop computer as the base of operations but I will eventually be looking into an office in Joliet so people can hand deliver submissions and I hand deliver copies to local contributors when I get them,.   I will continue to publish with Lulu.com, and the official blog for the magazine is also on Xanga.com.  All the articles I wrote that were forced off of the site — where I got forced off, well they will be part of a book I am writing that I am already getting parts of it going and it will be published outside of Lulu.com.  I will have several other articles too with it.  I am getting AngryInIllinois shut down from YouTube.com and working to close his other places too as I speak because what he’s doing is very strong example of internet bullying. 
     Dick for brains isn’t anything to Lake Fossil Press, and the best thing to fight libel is the truth.   His devaintart.com seems to be the source of operations and I made his fucking made up line up into characters in The Fandom Writer 2 — I am driven by rightous anger with this son of a bitch.   He’s doing practices that are more corrupt than anyone accused me of by putting someone elses byline and pubiishing exclusively the trolls.   He has no right to my catalog because I have all the original copyrights to everything I’ve written.  The new book I am debating on what photograph I am going to use for the cover and it will be my non-fiction collected.  I will have one critising the house of horror editor-in-chief because I begin to think she’s less than professional, in fact she’s less than human.   The fucker libels Malenky too because if Malenky didn’t like me then she wouldn’t agree to be my beta reader for my memoir when I started writing it back in 2005.   She actually praised Collectives In A Forsaken Landscape.  AngryInIllinois even sounds like a bully, and I will expose him as such.,  Anyone want to use my blogs for source material for your articles — get an account on Associated Content and expose the fucker for the liar he is.
     I will find out his cell number and I am not running to my mother like this pig claims.  I am going after this one myself.  I will find out who your real name is and you don’t have the stones to show your face.  You claim that I don’t have a face — I’ve always used my photograph.  I am not the troll here, using a burning book for the logo, that’s just fucking sick.  Saying it’s under “new management” that’s clearly a lie.  I am got nothing to lie about when it comes to my imprint moniker.  I got him thrown off associated content.com too so my losing my second account wasn’t in vane.  When I lost The Ethereal Journal, I forgot I had two other blogs that I created before I had those,  so I am using my blog once again on here but I am going to watch what I say because Xanga has a policy with hate speech, and they added a rating system for blogs — but I like WordPress.com a lot more because I will be pulling up my non-fiction and one of my notorious fiction stories on that site. 
     Everyone knows the story I am talking about when I am bringing that one out there — the writing projects I am doing each one is taking a life of it’s own.  GAME OVER is 32,400 words and FANDOM WRITER 2 is actually LARGER than it’s prequel.  When I get pissed off, I don’t just make angry promises I get inspired.   For getting me cancelled from Lame Goat Press,  I want his blood for it — and Dirty Black Winter won’t be a novella written by an asshole named Dick Sinu (if you don’t mind you asshole I am going to borrow him for a little while.)  I got compared to a Chicago eatery which is kind of funny because this eatery is legendary for being rude to it’s patrons.  The person who created the domain lakefossilpress.com got pissed off because I hurt his widdle feelings.
    I joined here when LameJournal.com got too pussy like for it’s own good.   Now Mother Russia owns their ass. I would rather be on wordpress.com where they take the best of deadjournal’s pissed off nature, and made it a blog that puts deadjournal.com to shame.  Sad I lost my deadjournal because Angeline Hawkes got angry with the taunting.  I am still going to submit to every publisher she has;  well that’s not threatening her but she never should have tried to add my sister.   Lake Fossil Press will be the home of my sister’s first horror story, so when she writes for the high school magazine they have she will already have the contacts in the industry and the roster is taking turns coaching her.  So when I see someone like AngryInIllinois, creating a fake account and calling me the things he called me — that’s blatent libel. Accusing me of being a homo with my PEN NAME.  Some friendly advice dick for brains, go clone yourself so you can go bone yourself.
visual6     There I finally said it — I have a pen name actually had three pen names in my life and an artist moniker.   I will be doing a real Issue 11 and real issue 12.  I will say this much the real Issue 12 is actually a good sized issue and that’s before I get the rest of the gang together. I am publishing a writer I paid $39.00 for a story years ago for that I almost published back then but lost the story because of a system failure.  This story was actually adapted from one of my old stories.  Sammi E. Cox teaming up with my ex-wife to be, yeah that’s my worst nightmare but someone from her past got in touch with me and I am planning to have him do a guest slot on my blog on wordpress.com. I am not going to recant my statement about Melany’s mother about having a piss on her grave party — in fact her mother keeling over is the best day of my life, I actually feel free of her opression. Every screen cap here that I am putting to this blog is done under fair use, and this is something the trolls abuse on a regular basis.  One troll got really pissed off because I got really sarcastic with him, and the trolls get really mad because I do this.   I am going off on them more on my blogspot blog — well I got kicked from WritingForums.com for pitching my prank.  If the owner reads this — I wasn’t making it my battleground this time,  If fact, I wasn’t doing that — -but now this is where we part company.   3 years was a good run.
       The whole thing with Fandom Wank are a wasted of space and I am going to make Brucha Myers a fucking horror target and sending my memoir to a paper in Skokie, Illinois.  When it’s a bunch of slash writers, then I am gunning for them by default.   Gothic.net gunned for me in 2004 for making it my soapbox for taking a stand against slash “fiction.”   I am also saying that AngryInillinois has a sick fantasy about having a unicorn horn shoved up his chocolate starfish.   I guess he must want to be the Fred Durst of the small press, and get your own imprint — get you shit covered fingers off mine you three headed subhuman.   If he was really a Christian and a Conservative, he would not open the doors to gay writers.  This was part of the charm why it worked — though I had a gay writer sneak into the toc on Tabloid Purposes and I am still burned by it.
       I am including every screen shot with this blog and under fair use — I am using them with my commentary.  I am editing out the adult content with the original shots — I think whoever is doing the cover with the poofter in a Cthulhu G-String needs to be dragged out shot.  I am making the statement that one author said to me,  “Don’t apologize for being normal”  and this author is a smiling assassin.   I will not allow him to take a way it’s personal touch and he’s trying to turn it into a fucking playgirl clone.   So with that — I am going to say that the yahoo id of the fucker is a fake and I banned him from Web of Horror along with his cronie House of Horror.  I really think that Sam Cox needs to stop picking fights with magazines that been around longer than her then threatening the publications.  Saying that she will see to it that I will never get a line up — I am getting reader submissions now and that is something that I was gearing for from the beginning.
       AngryInillinois you coward — consider this a cease and desist from the true owner of Lake Fossil Press.  I Will have your blog shut down from here for impersonating the ownership and the management.  Stop vandalizing the listing on WritersCafe.org too because that’s making you an asshole.  So don’t tread on me.