The 12th Issue been published as of Thanxgiving and getting in touch with the other contributors who contact me via, I opened up a fifth message board as of this update on So the loser known as “AngryInillinois” didn’t produce his “1ssue 12” with the bogus asshole dressed up as a damn unicorn. If one wants copies of Issue 12 go over to my storefront. Seems like it’s not letting me link the damn thing up for some odd reason. This is also on the heels of getting Issue 12 out, I got accepted on a new publication some time coming March 2011. I am not going to say where just yet because I don’t want these losers doing what they did with Lame Goat Press and The Dark Fiction Spotlight. I will say this much what the editor told me. He called the story the most trippy thing he read in a long time.

That means something right there because I am slow who I submit to these days because of the fags like AngryInIllinois going around saying he’s “In charge” — the only thing thing he’s in charge of is a cargo plane sending rubber dog shit to Hong Kong. Though House of Horror got one of my ex-contributors out of a well publicized fight I had with him on a message board, now the faggot is going out of his way to ruin sales of my first book. I will say this much of the magazine’s 12th Issue I treated this one like I would with a Tabloid Purposes. I got some guys I am proud of on the magazine and they’ve got paid sight unseen for their work.

So much for “AngryInIllinois” planning to rape my publications in the ass. I will say this much they’re going to be really disrespectful to everyone who contributed to The Gazette. Well I am working on the new Tabloid Purposes sequels sometime next year. The submissions will be open then and redid my namesake anthology. The loser is coming on as my pen name to start a fight on Well I am going to have him removed from there because that’s up there with the one called “LakeFossilPiss.”

I am going to flood AngryInIllinois’ fake e-mail addresses with a lot of tranny porn. I guess the asshole shouldn’t have any problem getting his cavity filled with a fake female’s dick. Payback is a bitch motherfucker. Especially when he created the e-mail address (going as my pen name Lloyd, I am really not amused.) I am sure the loser wouldn’t mind finding himself a fake girlfriend to fuck him repeatedly. Let’s just say when what’s mind is mine I can be an evil son of a bitch when it comes down to keeping it mine. When he goes around saying my e-mail addresses and are the “fag submissions.” Oh now it’s war.

I guess when the piece of shit and one of his goons gets me tossed from a mag I got accepted in and had the contract just signed, getting me pulled from it the same day before it was supposed to be released. I am really not amused by that and another possible contributor threatened a lawyer on me when I was going to offer him $25.00 for his story. One thing I hate are the naysayers from my own state.

I will say this much of the magazine, I am still in charge and same with the publishing company too.